Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's the food

Well, I have lost another 5 pounds since I last posted.  I know that it is not much, but it is something.  We have a plan as a family to get out and walk once Spring arrives and the roads dry out.  Once, I really get moving it will start to come off again.  As it is, I do not eat a lot anymore.  I have to make myself eat sometimes now and most of the time I eat less than the boys do. 

I have started to notice that my pants are getting looser and my scrub tops cover my butt now.  People are telling me that that can tell I am losing, especially in my face.  It makes me feel good when they say it looks good.  It keeps me motivated. I am working myself up to taking another picture to put on here.
Until then, I will leave you with this: