Sunday, January 27, 2013

Checking in

So, I am doing really good on my journey.  This morning I was actually under 280!  I have been at this point for over a week now and am starting to feel like it is as far as I can go.  A lot of it is that I have not been up and down the stairs at work or moving around around as much because my right leg decided to seize up on me recently.  This has made walking, standing, laying down, and thinking about any of these to be extremely hazardous to my sense of well-being.  It got so bad that I couldn't get into the truck without crying because bending my leg was pure torture.  My doctor has me scheduled for an x-ray and ultrasound of my knee this week to see what is going on.  We did a course of prednisone to reduce any inflammation, but right in the middle of it my leg decided to let me know that I wasn't as smart as I thought I was and locked up with a vengeance. So, I am at a holding point until I can get back on the move again, but I count it as a victory anyway.

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