Thursday, January 12, 2012


Okay, after going through the literature I have been given by the diabetic educator and looking online I have come up with some numbers I would like to stick to in order to lose weight.  On a daily basis, I need to limit myself to:

1600 calories
175-200 gm of carbohydrates
10 gm of saturated fats
53 gm of total fats
200 mg of cholesterol
2400 mg of sodium

The only obstacle I foresee is looking at the labels.  Also, there are some things that do not have labels.  I have been looking at websites that have features where you can enter in food and get the total nutrition information, but I always find something I eat that is not listed on them.  Seriously?  Do I really eat things that are that weird or off-beat?


  1. stick with it Rachel, you will get there! I have this massive table I found online many years ago, will try to dig up the website. It has calories, fat grams, sugar grams... just about any way you want to look at a food. 10 years ago I went on a diet not to lose weight, but to lower cholesterol. In the last three years I have found I have a gluten intolerance... I have been'round the block diet wise. Eventually you find the balance that works. My only thing to add to the plan you have above is, whenever possible, avoid processed foods!!!! Whole foods, and foods you cook at home, are more nutririous and will best suit your goals. Best wishes!

    1. Aine,

      Thank you for the support! Yeah, processed foods are a problem for me and I am avoiding those as much as I can.

      A table like you described would be great. I have been looking, but the ones I find have some of this or some of that, but none have both this and that. LOL